Domain Name Help <– Whois these guys?!?!? The Australian Domain Administration (auDA) plays a crucial role in the digital landscape. As a not-for-profit organization, their mission is to oversee the fair and secure management of the .au domain space. This includes helping individuals and businesses navigate domain registration and recovery, ensuring that the process is straightforward and […]

Digital Marketing Ad Fraud

You’d think, by now, that Meta and Google would have solved this, but apparently they haven’t. Whilst all digital marketing platforms have some form of protection from fraud, it’s not good enough to protect you from fraudulent clicks on your ads. Fraud Protection is provided by Clikk to Google Ads users for free, by Fraud […]

How to build a landing page for marketing campaigns

Grab your favorite drink, get yourself comfortable and get ready to visit the wonderful world of landing pages! Landing pages are a crucial element of any successful marketing campaign. They are designed to convert website visitors into leads or customers by providing a focused and compelling message and an easy path to action. However, simply […]

The 4 key aspects of being able to sell a product or service successfully

Selling a product or service is not as simple as it sounds. There are several key aspects that you need to consider to be successful in this industry. Here are the four key aspects that are crucial to your success: Understanding what you do well: This is the first and most important step in selling […]

Website Down? How to manage your website Pt 1 – Your Domain

A 404 error page

Website down? 404 error? Domain management? What is all this Gobbledygook!!!   I’m sure everyone has heard of someone who lost control of their website. They decided to get someone else to build their website who said “Hey! You need to do XYZ or there might be problems!” or they didn’t update their websites security […]

A Survival Guide to Working From Home

Have you found yourself struggling to adapt to working from home following the effects of the Corona Virus? At Clikk, we’re experts at working from home and have been doing it long before COVID-19 but we get that for many of you it can be daunting. Not everyone is as experienced as us and that’s […]