Google Ads Audit & Management

Google Ads Search Campaigns


The Client

EPR Careers was a well-established name in the Careers Management sector in Sydney and Melbourne. We took over the account as EPR transitioned to new business owners who wanted a fresh look at everything.

When we took over their Google Ads account we found some fairly unusual account settings:

  • 74 Campaigns
  • Over 3000 Ad Groups
  • Over 65,000 keywords!

This was not a best practise implementation but it did have some outstanding data for us to rebuild with.

Please note: EPR Careers has since rebranded.

The Problem

Too many keywords spoil the account

The main issue was that there simply wasn’t any need to compete across so many keywords. Whilst it might seem like a good idea to grab every keyword, often there isn’t enough budget to see what works or enough time to do the analysis.

Another issue was that the keywords weren’t mentioned in the ads and there were only a couple of very generic landing pages. The bounce rates were over 70% but there were conversions coming through but at a very high cost.

The Solution

The Solution: simplify and optimise

Firstly, we had to make the account manageable. Not only was the budget spread too thin but managing bids, negative keywords & producing new ads would consume the time of a couple of agencies. We reviewed the top 100 most effective keywords to date and rebuilt the whole account around these.

From here we were able to build new Ad Groups and gradually began switching over in clusters to demonstrate the viability of the new design.

These are the results, over 6 months, account-wide:

  • Click-through-rate Increased: From 0.39% to 2%
  • Conversion rate Increased: From 0.64% to 6.2%
  • Cost per conversion Decreased: From $300 to $60
  • We also helped reduce landing page bounce rates from 80% to under 20% but were hampered by a site which wasn’t fully mobile responsive.
  • Follow this, the business rebranded itself and we started a new account based on our learnings from here.