Whilst you're busy building games
How are going to have time to
tell people about your project?

“Crowdfunding, Websites, Blogs, Video Diaries, Social Media!?!

Dammit Jim, I’m a Game Dev, Not a Marketer!”

Clikk 2 Play

A digital marketing service for game developers.

We’ve taken our 20+ years of marketing knowledge and put together some simple marketing plans to help you share your game with the world.

We offer:

Clikk 2 Play

A digital marketing service for game developers.

We’ve taken our 20+ years of marketing knowledge and put together some simple marketing plans to help you share your game with the world.

We offer:

Let’s admit the default position for an
indie game developer is pretty much poverty.

– Cliff “Cliffski” Harris,
Indie Games Developer – Positech Games

What you can do to be more successful:

Get people to notice you,
get them excited, & keep them engaged.


– Commander Shepard
Galactic Superhero

Game marketing FAQs

If a forest management game falls off the top 100 charts on Steam, does anyone see it fall?

Steam and other publishing platform are currently saturated with games, as the barrier to entry has dropped significantly, but almost everyone depends on blind luck, posting organically until their fingers bleed or going viral.

Every truly successful product requires a strong brand and a concerted and ongoing effort to market it. So assuming you have a great idea unless a major channel picks up on your game, your marketing will probably consist of:

  • 654 Likes, most of which will be from your friends and family
  • An erratically maintained dev blog
  • Occasional posts on social media
  • A frustrating copy and pasting of updates from Facebook to Twitter to Kickstarter to email, and the reformating of each to meet their individual needs (and sighing at the limited engagement).

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw any marketing for a game that wasn’t AAA? (and doesn’t that leave the playing field wide open?)

If you went a traditional route, the “cost” would be as much about your time as it is your finances:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Youtube/Vimeo
  • Social media channels
  • Crowd-funding
  • Fixing broken stuff
  • Trying to figure out what is generating the most interest from multiple metrics and analytics systems
  • Creating and posting content to multiple places

You need time to build your game, but you need people to know about it. Cloning humans is still illegal, so you’re going to need help.

It’s pretty simple; us gamers are pretty easy to please.

We like to know what the game’s about and when it’s coming. We also like to offer a million and one unasked opinions, so there’s that to consider too.

First of all, you need to pick a social media platform you feel comfortable using. Reddit is good, Facebook is okay, and YouTube is great but can be time-consuming. Or go old school and blog on whatever web platform you want.

You want to keep updating people, once a month is enough with something juicy enough to keep them interested and possibly share with others. Don’t burn out like Josh Parnell whose passion caused him significant mental health issues and ultimately ended up having to cancel his game. His updates were great, but the cost was too high :(

A website is worth having, just the basics, so people can find out some general information without you having to constantly repeat yourself (Yes it’s on Steam, no it’s not coming to consoles, no you may not have a free key for ‘exposure’).

The other reason is that you want your website to promote links for wishlisting, so when you send people to the website and they click on the link you can capture some information about them that you can then use for your marketing.

In summary:

  • Be visible somewhere, anywhere,  other than just Steam
  • Create content to share regularly that will give people something to talk about and share
  • Find a social media platform you like and put content on there
  • Promote the content using paid marketing
  • Track people who engage with your content (using Google Analytics ideally) so you can market to them and people like them

Via our Clikk business partners, we can also connect you with agencies who can provide the following services:

  • Video editing – Professional editing and graphics design, adding your branding and effects
  • Music – Background music for your videos from professional musicians
  • Want signage for your next Expo? We have experts who can provide stand and banners signage or custom-build you anything you need
  • Want to do an article in a major publication? We can connect you to agencies that can get you published.
  • Want someone to write an article for a major publication? We don’t do that……..but we know someone who can. We can connect you with freelance journalists and PR agencies.


Still here? Good!

Here’s the bit you’re probably most interested in: the what, the how and the how much.

There are three main services:

Consulting – Paid time with us to audit and guide you. Most helpful for larger projects and studios.

Training – How to do the basics, stay on top of things and track progress.

Marketing – We build, manage and report on your marketing campaigns.

The idea is that you pick what you need when you need it so you are in control of your budget and can allocate your time more productively.

That’s the basics!  If you want to know more, just hit the button and pick a time to chat.

Ad Hoc Mentoring

& occasional services
$ 500*
  • Low Budget: $500 - $1000 once off
  • Once off or occasional service
  • One-on-one mentoring on your chosen platform so you can DIY like a pro
  • Budget friendly
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Choose your own platform

Ongoing Mentoring

Low budget
$ 300* Monthly
  • Ongoing Marketing Support for DIYers
  • On-going support and coaching whilst you build and manage -your own marketing campaigns.
  • Apps paid for by us (e.g. Slack, AirTable, web hosting) to streamline your processes.
  • Apps setup using our best practice templates (coming soon)

Marketing Done for You

Small Studio
$ 1000 Monthly
  • What we do everyday!
  • Social media ad campaign on one channel: (e.g. Reddit or Facebook)
  • YouTube ads: Promote your channel and content
  • Custom campaigns using marketing data to promote your game/studio.
  • We work with you to create campaigns that best suit your business goals
  • Customised reporting to ensure full visibility on your digital marketing

Playing with the Big Kids

For studios with well-funded projects
$ 2000 Monthly
  • Full marketing management: campaigns, consulting & reporting
  • Everything included in our Done For you package, with the advantage of additional platforms or campaigns to ensure broad market coverage
  • Higher spends & additional campaigns can be facilitated on request: Just click the button below to book a call and discuss a customised solution to suit your game or studio