Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Where Do We Start?

There are so many digital marketing platforms that you have heard should probably be using, you may feel like you need to be everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, doing SEO, Blogging, email marketing & the list goes on.

Then the realisation hits you:
 “I have no idea how to effectively market my business online”

When we develop a digital strategy for one of our clients, we build a digital road map for your business, that will take some of the guesswork out of marketing online.

So What’s involved?

Generally developing a sound strategy will require a number of consulting sessions, to allow us to gain an understanding of your business:

  • Your digital marketing budget,
  • The resources you have available to implement the strategy (this could be internal staff, creative assets like videos or photos),
  • Your ideal customers & where you have traditionally found them
  • What you hope to gain from marketing your business online (expected ROI)

Next Steps…

Once we understand your business a little better, we do a thorough analysis of your current digital marketing activities, undertake some research on your industry as a whole, including:

  • Where & how your ideal customers are interacting online
  • How other businesses in your industry are approaching the digital marketing challenge
  • Which platforms are going to be most effective in reaching new & existing customers
  • How much it will cost in money & resources to achieve your goals


– Michael Porter Harvard Business School

Consulting Services

Digital Marketing Consultants

Steve & Kathy are always happy to help with consulting on all aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

If you just need some friendly advice on a particular aspect of your digital marketing to help point you in the right direction, or need a sounding board to brainstorm new ideas, we can help with either on-site or virtual ad hoc consulting services.

We also offer Digital Marketing & website audits to help optimise your established online activities & ensure you get maximimum ROI from your digital marketing spend.