Most WordPress websites are built by designers, not marketers. We're both.

WordPress websites that are marketing ready

The Clikk website process

  • Meet or conference call with you to discuss your needs
  • Capture all your requirements
  • Create a project plan for us to all follow
  • Build draft versions for you to review and approve
  • Use multiple project stages to check in with you to make sure we’re all on track
  • Help you deliver what we need to complete the website
  • Keep in touch throughout the process
  • Make sure your site is fast to load and meets Googles standards
  • Google Analytics installed to help you track your future marketing
  • You are in control with complete ownership of everything

Your website will be:

  • Optimised for Mobile
  • Fast to load
  • Marketing ready
  • Easy to use with training available
  • If hosted with us, backed up and updated* daily (*Premium only)

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Frequently asked questions

WordPress is the most popular the website platform in the world.

The reason for this is that can be very easy for anyone to use and doesn’t require coding experience.

We use WordPress as we can build sites which are easier for our clients to work with and they can result in a much faster project turnaround.

Additionally, they allow you to add features like ecommerce, event management or store locaters by using plugins.

We’ve been building websites with WordPress for almost 5 years and it’s the best option for most businesses.

Google and Facebook want people who visit websites from their platforms to have a great experience.

When someone is sitting on their mobile phone waiting for one image to load, that’s not great.

Optimising for speed is the biggest error web designers make, creating designs that end up bloated and painful to use.

If your website is slow, especially on mobile, don’t expect Google to reward you.

We rescue websites for our clients all the time. They will often go to the best agency that can, but don’t know what questions to ask.

Here’s a list of typical issues we have to fix (and some of them aren’t cheap to repair!):

  • Didn’t ensure SEO related settings were transferred, resulting in loss of visits from Google searches.
  • Not optimise for speed leaving giant images to slow down the site to a crawl
  • Google Analytics not installed, so no marketing data is available
  • Conversion tracking not set up, so when your customer buys or signs up, you have no record of it to review your marketing
  • Doesn’t work on mobile properly so certain features don’t work or look terrible

All of these can ruin existing marketing or delay starting new marketing projects.


We mostly build new websites to ensure any issues are removed but we can optimise existing site or do partial rebuilds to solve particular problems.

We can also transfer non-WordPress sites over to a fresh build of WordPress.

There are lots of tools out there for testing websites but we recommend the following:

For speed tests and compliance with Google:

For SEO compliance: Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer

Pingdom provides some great tools, here is there speed test:

Want to know if Google likes your website? Here’s their mobile friendly test