Digital Rescue of a Not For Profit

Fixing core issues and building traffic


Training, Community Support, Apprenticeships

The Client

Creating opportunities through training and support was founded in 1976 to provide services to help the disadvantaged get back into the workforce and have a community which would support them to get there.


By providing support for the local Somali community, programs for parents to return to work, employment services, apprenticeships and traineeships, E-Focus, Apps Matter and Himilo provided many valuable services.

Unfortunately, E-Focus closed in late 2019 following a board decision.


The Problem

Meaningful Work – Economic and Social Participation for all

Made of several division, E-focus had many marketing channels, from print to web and utilising Google Grants. There were several social media channels, blogs and there wasn’t a clear marketing strategy.

The Goal: Support and training for all

Each division was responsible for it’s own marketing, but a recent web design refresh has not gone as planned, leaving many technical issues including a rapidly decline in Google ranking position due to some errors in implementing the change over from the old website to the new. Some divisions hadn’t utilised Google Grants Google Ads so were missing out on free marketing on Google too.

The Solution

The Solution: Centralise and Optimise

First of all, we need to fix the core issues with the new websites:

  • We moved them to WPEngine to give them regular backups and regular security updates
  • The E-focus had numerous technical issues, so we rebuilt the site using our processes and proceeded to refresh the design
  • The SEO issue for E-focus had to be fixed, so we ensured that the main issues were fixed on the website using redirects and other technical fixes
  • The website was optimised for speed, making it load significantly faster on mobile, which was where most traffic was coming from

The marketing needed to be fixed next:

  • We started by building up their Likes on Facebook and started using this audience to send ads about training courses.
  • We setup Google Ads via Google Grants, freeing up some marketing budget to invest in SEO
  • SEO commenced immediately to shore up the drop in ranking for major keywords
  • Fresh website content was created to build trust and value to visitors to the website
  • We helped project manage the integration of a course management system called Axcelerate