Advertising with Google Ads
It’s time to
tell the world about your products & services.

With Google Ads, you can promote your business quickly and easily to anyone searching for your product. 

Search, Display, Remarketing, Video & Shopping Ads

If someone knows what they want, you can bet they will start looking by typing something into Google.

They might be doing some research, looking for a local business, reading reviews and checking to see who offers the best value.

Google Ads gets your business name in front of people who are searching for what you do at the time when they are thinking about making a purchase.


“If you build it. You may still need Google Adwords.”

– Jennifer Mesenbrink,
Editor, writer, social media marketer,
Manager eChannels ComEd

Why you should

Why is Clikk's
Google Ads service different?

What do you get?

  • Fraud makes up for 15% of lost Ad Spend. We use anti-fraud tools to protect your account.
  • AI monitoring of your account which send us alerts when there are big changes
  • A holistic focus, ensuring everything from the keywords, to the ads and the landing page are aligned
  • We do Google Search, Display, Shopping, Video and App campaigns
  • We’re Google Partners, with access to specialist resources for those really tricky problems
  • Lots of free stuff: Persona tools via Delve, Competitor analysis via PPC Reveal, reports with helpful explanations
  • Management of Quality Score to get your clicks for less
  • B2B, B2C and general marketing strategies for every type of business:
    • Medical & Health
    • Trades
    • Retail including Bricks and Mortar
    • eCommerce
    • Apps
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Education/Training
    • Not for Profits – including arranging Google grants
    • many more

Frequently asked questions

AdWords is very powerful for getting your name and products visible to people who are searching and you only pay for results.

Without AdWords, you’re depending on whether your website appears before your competitors when they search. If your competitors are on the first page of Google and you’re not, you need to consider AdWords, SEO or both or your business won’t be getting the leads.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation which improves the position your website is shown when someone searches in Google. You don’t pay for a click with SEO but it can be hard to get a good position without paying for SEO services.

AdWords is ‘Pay per Click’ search engine marketing. You only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad. Your ad is associated with keywords which are relevant to your business.

For example, if you ran a shoe shop you might have the following keywords:

  • Red shoes
  • Black shoes
  • Red boots

If someone searches Google for ‘Black shoes’, your ad can appear. If they click, and like your website and prices, you may well have just sold a pair of shoes!

Search Ads

Keywords are typed into Google Search by a prospective customer. The keyword then triggers your ad which tells them more about what you do.

Google Search Ads

Display Ads

Display ads appear on Google Display Network, showcasing your business and products. These can be static images or fully animated graphics. You can choose a wide variety of targeting and places you want your ads to show.

Google Display Ads

Shopping Ads

As with Search, when a keyword is typed in, your products appear so someone can just click on you Ad and immediately make a purchase as they already know the price.

Google Shopping Ads

Remarketing Ads

Once someone has visited your website, you can Remarket to them. This means that if a potential customer visit any website associated with Google’s Display Network, you can show them a new Ad which might remind them return to the site and complete their purchase.


Display ads can be split into two main categories: Remarketing and Targeted.

Remarketing lets you put an ad in front of someone who has visited your site. Say you go to the online shoe store and get distracted and lose the page. You had every intention of buying from them but you can’t recall where you found them. You go to eBay to do something else when you see a banner for the shoe shop appear on the page which takes you back so you can make your purchase.

Targeted ads let you put a display ad in front of your audience using a variety of options such as age, gender, location, interests, etc. These are mostly used as brand awareness but can also generate clicks to your website. They are excellent for promotions such as discounts or events and some very prominent websites are part of the Google Display Network such as The Age and eBay.

Shopping Ads are extremely powerful marketing tools for e-commerce businesses. But, if you are in retail already and don’t do e-commerce, AdWords is an amazing opportunity to sell beyond your store.

You can target anyone in the world: by age, gender, location, interests, keywords they search for and so much more.
This enables you to put the right product in front of the right person at the right time.

They can click on the ad and go straight to your site or click on Shopping to search for other results, using filters to refine their search even further. Even if your ad wasn’t shown initially, the refined search may show several of your items instead.

We also provide Bing ads, which are almost identical to Google AdWords.

The reason we don’t highlight Bing is that it’s good to use once you feel you need to expand your paid search. Bing is good, but Google has more searches per month so the smart investment is with Google first.

We can definitely help you with Bing Ads, if you want to use them in preference or in tandem with Google AdWords.

Google Ads Audit

Small Business Focus
$ 200
  • Full Review of Account
  • Holistic Approach from Ads to Website
  • Audit your Agency or your Account
  • Get an Actionable Report
  • Required Access to Google Ads

Google Ads Basics

Small Business Focus
$ 600
Monthly + GST
  • 30-min meeting per month
  • Top Performing Keywords
  • Monthly Report (example below)
  • No Setup Fees*
  • Ideal for $600+ Ad Spend Per Month
  • Ad Spend Not Included

Google Ads Standard

Growing Your Business
$ 1000
Monthly + GST
  • 1-hour meeting per month
  • Top Performing Keywords
  • Monthly Report (example below)
  • No Setup Fees*
  • Ideal for $1,000+ Ad Spend Per Month
  • Ad Spend Not Included