We are Digital Marketing Experts

We’re a husband & wife team who decided to start up a business in 2012 built around Kathy’s broad experience in both digital & traditional marketing & Steve’s extensive project management, business analysis & IT experience. From these foundations, a fledgeling agency popped onto the internet with a ‘Clikk’.

When you talk to us, you are talking to the people who do the work. We don’t outsource our work off-shore; we are sitting at our computers designing, writing, analysing, researching & talking to our clients.

We aim to build relationships with our clients that empower them without relying on opaque, jargon-laden solutions.

What we do

We spend time getting to know our clients, their industry & products so that we can represent their business online in a way that fits seamlessly with their brand & core values. More importantly, we bring value to their customers & potential customers to keep them coming back.

We understand how the various digital marketing activities tie together to create an inbound marketing experience for their customers that consistently brings them value & keeps them coming back.

Along the way, we’ll remain as transparent as possible, keeping our clients up to speed with the hows & whys of what we are doing & how it is benefitting their business.

What we do

If you don’t understand the benefit of certain activities or are unsure if something will work fo you, give us a call or catch up for a coffee, & we’ll happily explain how it all fits together.

Kathy started providing digital marketing services back in 2004; since then we’ve helped our clients send their products around the world, launched start-ups in style and rescued many businesses from getting lost in the complexities of AdWords and Social Media.

In situations where the solution is bigger than Clikk or requires specialisations we don’t have, we partner with other Australian marketing experts like Mad Scientist Digital SEO Specialist to help deliver you the best in digital marketing.

Digital marketer, Mum, dreamer, gamer, life-long equine enthusiast & lover of all things four-legged & fluffy.

Back in 2005, I decided to leave the corporate world in order to gain the flexibilty to stay at home with my baby daughter.  With that in mind, I combined my talent for design with my background in marketing, and skilled up in website development.  I began building websites for small and medium businesses on a freelance basis.  

I soon saw a gap in the market: my clients had a brand new website but they didn’t know how to get people to visit!  This led me on a mission to develop my expertise in all things inbound marketing, with a strong focus on PPC. 

I.T Expert, Business Analyst, Project Manager, dad, gamer, wannabe game designer & recovering commuter.

Working for Clikk I’ve now come full circle. I started coding websites almost 20 years ago for small businesses in the UK which kickstarted my career in I.T. which has now taken me to the other side of the world.

I’ve done pretty much everything there is to do in I.T. but I left my career in project management behind to work with Kathy in Clikk so we could make our ideas come to life whilst being around for our children.