The only thing worse than training an employee & having them leave, is to not , train them & have them stay

– Henry Ford Founder, Ford Motor Company

For many organisations, it’s more practical to keep marketing activities in-house rather than outsource to an agency, yet its difficult to find training that is practical & effective in the digital space.  We offer training & mentoring in all aspects of digital marketing, to empower your team & make them the experts.


Training & Mentoring with Clikk

Our philosophy…

At Clikk we are firm believers in sharing the digital marketing love.  If you or your team prefer to DIY, we’re happy to help facilitate your needs as you dive into the ever-changing digital atmosphere.

What we do…

We offer several different training & mentoring services which can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique business.

From one-on-one sessions online using Google Hangouts or Skype, to full-day on-site team training sessions for up to 10 people,  we can help give your team the skills they need to navigate the pitfalls of digital marketing.


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to”

– Richard Branson

Social Media & AdWords Training Topics

We cover a wide range of topics from running an effective split test campaign on Facebook to getting the most ROI from AdWords and Bing. We can train you how to analyse your marketing traffic and where to optimise your targeting.

We can help you fully understand the your chosen marketing platform and make it deliver the results you need.

Listed below are just a few of the topics we can tailor to meet your training needs, so if you don’t see what you need here, get in touch, and we can discuss your unique requirements.


Facebook Fundamentals For Business

Setting Up Facebook Business Manager
Scheduling Your Content
Community Management 101
How Do I Know What to Post? Content Strategy Basics.

Facebook Ad Basics

Using Facebook Ads Manager & Power Editor
Setting up a Promoted Post Campaign with Power Editor
Ad Creative & Copy Concepts
Campaign Types & When to Use Them
Campaign Analysis

Advanced Facebook Ads

Generate Leads for Your Database with Facebook
Boost Your Web Traffic
Split Testing Your Facebook Ads
Building Custom Audiences on Facebook
Conversion Based Strategies
Re-Marketing with Facebook


AdWords Fundamentals

Creating Your First AdWords Campaign
Structuring Your Ad Groups For Success
What Makes a Successful Ad
Power Up Your Search Ads With Ad Extensions

AdWords: More Than Just Search Ads

Increase Brand Awareness with Display Ads
Sell More Product With Shopping Ads
Reach More Potential Customers with Video Ads
Re-Marketing with Google AdWords

Advanced AdWords Techniques

Monitoring & Management for Maximum ROI
Split Testing Techniques
Fine Tuning Your Keywords for Success
Bid Management
Conversion Based Strategies Strategies
Dynamic Search Ads