Google Ads Management For BSchool & Beauty EDU

Search, Display, Remarketing & YouTube


The Client

Republica needed our help with two schools within their organisation, BSchool & Beauty EDU, who had been using Google Ads for the past 12 months without consistent or cost-effective results.

Each of the schools were providing very different courses but had the same Google Ads strategy applied to both.

Both schools had very high costs-per-click, low click-through-rates, landing page & quality score issues and quite high conversion costs.

The Problem

BSchool: Thought Leaders

This school was tapping into a highly competitive market with some extremely well-established institutions. They had a fresh and exciting approach but it was very hard to leverage without having to spend big.

To date the average conversion rate was 1.68%, the click through rate was 0.8% and the cost per conversion over $600.

The website also needed to be improved as the bounce rate was over 60% across the site. To make matters worse, the conversions they were receiving were not turning into sales.

Beauty EDU: Making a Big Impression

This school was also in a highly competitive market but the playing field was much more even. With a game plan behind them to knock the other schools over, they needed to establish a more cost-effective presence.

Their click through rate averaged about 0.6%, with quite reasonable average costs per click, but conversions costs were over $100.

The Solution

The Solution: Rebuild & Focus

With each school, we took a systematic approach of examining the keywords that were being used, the quality of the ads, the relevance of the keywords vs. the ads vs. the landing page experience.

We started split-testing the ads, pausing ineffective keywords whilst testing new ones and ensuring that month-on-month we were always improving the account.

These are the results for BSchool after 6 months, account-wide:

  • Click-through-rate Increased: From 0.8% to 1.56%
  • Conversion rate Increased: From 1.6% to 4.5%
  • Cost per conversion Decreased: From $628 to $120
  • We also helped reduce landing page bounce rates from 80% to 40%.

These are the results for Beauty EDU after 6 months, account-wide:

  • Click-through-rate Increased: From 0.59% to 7.54%
  • Conversion rate Increased: From 2.46% to 5.47%
  • Cost per conversion Decreased: From $114 to $94
  • We also helped launch a major campaign across Social Media and Google Ads for the launch of a campus in David Jones, throughout Melbourne.