New Product Launch in the Horse Industry

Facebook Advertising, Competitions & More


The Closest You Can Get To Natural

The Client

Revolutionising Equine Hoof Wear

Scoot Boots used targeted Facebook ads, an online competition, and email marketing during the three months prior to their product hitting the shelf to significantly increase brand awareness, grow a thriving online community, develop a healthy database & generate significant demand on a shoestring budget.

The Problem

The Closest you can get to Natural

Scoot Boot is a small start-up company with an innovative new hoof boot designed to replace traditional horse shoes. The design is technologically superior to any other product on the market, yet priced mid-range so that it is affordable to most sectors within the AU$65 billion industry

The Goal: Boot Up n’ Scoot!

Scoot Boot had an amazing product, but they needed to tell the world about it. Starting with a brand new website & Facebook page, they needed to get some exposure quickly, to secure initial product sales at the product launch in April, without spending a fortune.

The Solution

The Solution: Pick your Favourite Colour!

Scoot Boots used Facebook Ads to promote their new Business Page to start building a highly targeted community on Facebook, along with promoted posts to generate engagement and brand awareness within the community.

Combined with a strong organic social media strategy, this approach led to monthly increases in Fans of over 130% month to month, with numbers hitting over 10,000 fans by the April launch date.

To generate excitement around the brand prior to launch, Scoot Boot hosted a competition on their Facebook page promoted with a highly targeted Facebook ads campaign.

Overall, the competition was an amazing success for Scoot Boot, with a reach of over 191,000 people and over 3,800 entrieswhich formed the basis of the company’s contact database for a Facebook ad spend of only $300.00.

Scoot Boot continues to utilise Facebook ads to grow its community online and now markets its unique product line not only in Australia but in the USA, UK, and Europe.