A Survival Guide to Working From Home

Have you found yourself struggling to adapt to working from home following the effects of the Corona Virus?

At Clikk, we’re experts at working from home and have been doing it long before COVID-19 but we get that for many of you it can be daunting. Not everyone is as experienced as us and that’s totally fine – we’re here to help!

1. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

First and foremost, give yourself a break! We’re in a crazy time and working from home may be a whole new ball game for you. Just remember, it’s completely fine to be nervous, distracted and a little less productive than usual (but only a little). Take it day by day, hour by hour and you’ll get through it.

2. Set Up a Working Environment 

Whether you have a dedicated study or your new office is your dining room table, make it a space that you can associate with working. Find out what works best for you. Maybe the whole family is working from home? Great! Set up workstations at the dining room table and ta-da – you have a shared workplace! Or why not try hot desking? Put on some music and work away surrounded by other workers, just like you’re at the office! This will also prevent you from feeling lonely and isolated. If that isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer working in solitude, set up a designated area of the house (just not your bed) to get you in the zone and pop on some headphones to block out the noise.

3. Stick to a Timeline 

Keep your working hours the same as your office hours so you feel some sense of normality and routine. This will prevent you from overworking and burning out. Set your boundaries and switch off after. Close your work laptop when it’s time to ‘head home’ to the couch and don’t check your emails before bed. This will keep you sane – we promise.

4. Take Regular Breaks 

Staying ‘switched on’ the whole time is hard for us all. Make sure you take all the breaks you usually would at the office and stretch your legs every hour. When you’re eating lunch, walk away from the laptop unless you’re watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Try eating lunch or having a coffee via video call with your colleagues, family or friends. Walk yourself over to your kettle and give your body a quick stretch while it boils. Do laps around the dining table to get your steps in. These little moments keep your sanity in check and your body from breaking down.

5. Create a Schedule

We swear by to-do lists! Start your work morning by setting your daily tasks, giving yourself a sense of direction for the day (this can be hard if you just wing it when you’re at home as that’s when you start washing clothes or online shopping). Whether it’s physically writing down your tasks and priorities or using a project management tool to check the tasks your bosses have virtually assigned to you, starting your day like this allows you to feel accomplished at the end of the day while making your work day more manageable. As an extra bonus, if you break your work down into smaller tasks, you’ll give yourself a major confidence boost when you see them all being ticked off! 

6. Create Work-Life Balance

Just like when you go into work and finally come home to kick your feet up, recreate that same feeling of ‘home’ and ‘work’ that helps get you through the week. When you’re done for the day, spend some time with your family, go for a stroll or do an at home pilates class on YouTube. Whatever that may be for you, make time for it. Another pro tip, use the time you’d usually travel to work in the morning to sit and enjoy your coffee, do some yoga or watch an episode of your favourite show – that way you really reap the benefits of working from home. 

We hope these little tips help you become masters at working at home. The most important thing is to enjoy all the benefits that come with it! Although we don’t recommend making it a habit to work in your pjs and from the comfort of your bed, the beauty of working from home is that you have those options if you’re having an off day and let’s be honest, we could all use one of those days every once in a while. So make the most of it, be productive, stay calm and try to enjoy this time. Soon enough, you’ll want to work from home all the time! 

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